The Oslo diaries – Food and Drink

oslo mural street art

Sadly, the rumours are true, Oslo IS an expensive city for eating and drinking, but if you budget it right, you will be able to still have a great time and not feel too conscious of your spending or running out of cash!

If you choose not to have alcohol with dinner, you’re probably looking at around £20-25 per person for a main course!


Take advantage of Duty Free; we picked up a couple of small bottles of rum at Gatwick – only having hand luggage meant that buying a litre might just be a little too much! The rum meant we could still have a couple of drinks in our hotel room without having to spend too much on alcohol.

The local beers are nice, so it is worth having one! This beer cost me 94NOK, that’s £9.40 in English money or around $16USD!

norwegian beer

A Norwegian Pilsner in The Scotsman on Karl Johans Gate

The nice thing, is that you take your time over drinking the beer, and the extra outside space means that you will enjoy lots of people watching. The high street never got overly busy, despite it being the main road, so it was nice to kick back with a cold beer and watch the locals, tourists and street performers mixing together.

Soft drinks are a little cheaper, so be warned you will still be looking at around £3-£4 for a small bottle of coke in most of the delis.


Although breakfast wasn’t included in our hotel costs, we chose to pay for it each morning, as it was reasonably priced (around £10 each), and the choice was incredible. We had options of the usual continental meats and pastries, hot breakfast items, home made waffles (my favourites in skandi hotels),  loads of fresh fruit and juices. To be honest, we didn’t even need lunch because the breakfast was so filling!

Food is something that is naturally individual to the eater, but luckily with Norway being a city, even the fussiest of eaters can be catered for! (There are at least five branches of TGI Fridays!). Sadly I do not like the taste of shellfish – worst traveler ever! There were plenty of Italian and Indian places around. If you’re really on budget, try the street Torgatta – it’s got a bunch of cheap eateries on it!

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Where is the most expensive restaurant you have ever eaten?

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