The Oslo diaries – free stuff to do in Oslo

oslo mural street art

If you’ve checked out my previous posts, you’ll know that I just spent three days in Oslo with my lovely boyfriend. We had heard lots of things about how gorgeous the city was in the Summer, so we decided against using public transport or taxis and opted to walk everywhere instead (it’s easily doable!).

The Royal Palace grounds and gardens

Our hotel was right by the Royal Palace and gardens, and we visited a couple of times on our trip. The top of the hill gives you a great view of Karl Johan’s Gate all the way down to Central Station, it’s pretty breathtaking. Deciding to go midweek meant that there were less tourists around the palace and it was pretty manageable crowds wise.

As you can see from the photo, it’s pretty empty!

The Royal Palace Oslo

Keegan snapping a shot of the palace – check out that sky!

The sculpture park

One of the must-do free things in Oslo is the sculpture park. From the royal palace it probably takes about 20 mins to walk there, (we mostly followed tram tracks and a map in our guide book!), but you walk through a gorgeous area, and get to see lots of suburban Oslo you probably wouldn’t see if you took the bus option.

Oslo house turret


The sculpture park is wonderful.

sculpture park oslo

The entrance is amazing!

It’s not the biggest of parks, but there is a lot to explore. I’d also recommend visiting a convenience store nearby for supplies as a small bottle of water was £3.50 in the cafe!

That aside, the sculptures were pretty brilliant.

sculpture park oslo sculpture park oslo sculpture park oslo sculpture park oslo sculpture park oslo sculpture park oslo

The marina

I don’t know a huge amount about this, but we were recommended it by a friend of Keegan’s. It was probably my favourite part of the whole city. The whole marina is packed with a mix of museums, residential, restaurant and open spaces. It is filled with more sculptures, and pretty fancy yachts, and is an ideal place for a spot of people watching. Again, it wasn’t very ‘touristy’ in the traditional sense, so it was lovely to chill out here for a few hours.

oslo street art oslo sculpture oslo sculpture oslo sculpture oslo marina view

The Fortress

I love castles and fortresses, and anything with a lil’ bit of history. The fortress is on the marina, and the grounds and main area is all free of charge, so I thoroughly recommend. You can get some of the best views of the fjords from here too.

The fortress itself is ace, and there’s loads to explore, so it’s definitely worth checking out, not just for an amazing view!

oslo marina

cannon imprints cannon imprints oslo fortress oslo fortress oslo fortress

Most of the museums and galleries are paid for which doesn’t mean you should avoid them. I am lucky enough to live in London and have so many on my doorstep, so to us it felt silly when we could have adventures in places we wouldn’t normally find in London!

What are your favourite kind of free attractions?

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