Holiday wish list Wednesday – beat the frizz

If you’re not living in the UK, which I suspect a bunch of my readers aren’t, then you may have heard from other bloggers just how HOT it is at the moment, especially here in London.

If you live in a city, or anywhere a little built up, then you will know the pain of humidity and the toll it takes on our hair.

My current hair sitch, is bordering on this:

mrs twit frizzy hair


So what hair calming product is the best thing for this insane hotdrywetgross summer?

My Hair

  • Firstly, I should explain my hair type – it’s thin, but I have quite a lot of it, and it’s cut into what they call a ‘lob’ – a long bob. I have had many styles over the years, but this is one of my favourites, as it so easy to style and dry.
  • I also colour my hair, and it’s currently a dark red. London water is awful, so I have to wash my hair every day, I try and use a decent shampoo that won’t give too much build up, and I try and condition when I can, to stop my hair looking like a pink straw nest.
  • I rarely blow dry it, but I do straighten it, pretty often.
  • Styling wise – I nearly always wear it down, I only really wear it up at home or during driving lessons! (Though I will be wearing it up tomorrow for my 1950s evening out).

The Solution

I have tried a number of smoothing creams and no, frizz ease doesn’t really ‘do it’ for me. I have natural wavy hair anyway, but beachy waves in humid heat just look awful on me, I wish I could pull it off.

The other week I picked up the travel size version of this, and I think it’s love.

My bottle is around 8.5ml, so it’s perfect for small city breaks and holidays, or like me if you want to test something out without spending £7.50 on another anti-frizz product that may or may not work (I am a chicken).

This is pretty amazing stuff, it actually works on my barnet brilliantly! I’ve mostly used it after straightening to tame the crazy nest of hair, and it stays put and adds shine.

You only need to add this to the mid section and ends, not the roots so you don’t get too ‘greasy’ shiny.

I would definitely recommend this, and I will be stocking up before I move to Australia and will be amazing for my trip to the Philippines in January – I have a wedding to attend so want my hair to look aces!

Do you have any tips to help calm the Summer frizz?

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