England Adventures – Brighton

This week, Keegan and I decided we wanted to spend a day at the seaside, Brighton to be precise, mostly because:

  • London is not a seaside town (the river does not count)
  • Brighton is pretty rad
  • The weather is much cooler by the beach

I was born in an old seaside town, and Keegan currently lives on the GC so we slightly accustomed to the sea, but it’s so nice to just go somewhere outside of London and back for the day.

On Tuesday, we packed a little backpack and headed to Victoria to catch a train to Brighton.

An adult return (including peak) is only £30 per person, and the train takes just one hour, and it’s super frequent too!

We arrived in Brighton at around 11.30am, and followed the crowds of people whom we hoped were headed for the beach (they were).

The beach itself is only a 10 min downhill walk from the station, and it’s not your usual type of beach. There is no sand for one thing!

Brighton Beach Brighton Beach

After a little wander around the prom, we walked to Brighton Pier, one of the town’s famous landmarks, and we walked the length of it. It’s littered with a couple of arcades and some roller coasters, as well as carnival games and cafes. It is utterly charming and very very English.

brighton pier

After spending some cold hard cash (like £3 ) in the penny falls, we were planning to go for lunch, but were sideswept by the signs for the aquarium. Keegan and I adore aquariums and Brighton’s Sea Life Centre is one of the oldest aquariums in the UK.

So we hung out a little with some rays (my favourites) and all manner of awesome creatures.

sea life centre brighton

sea life centre brighton

After the aquarium, we wandered up to the famous ‘Lanes’, a whole set of tiny streets filled with boutiques (mostly jewellery). We settled on a cafe in the centre of town, it claimed to have 120 beers but I chickened out and did not opt for booze! There are no photos, but my quiche was superb!

I then dragged my boyfriend to ChoccyWoccyDooDah after seeing it on one of the adorable Zoella‘s vlogs, and seeing her rave about the drinks, we HAD to have a milkshake there.


After that we felt pretty full, so just sauntered back to the station ready to go home. Exhausted but super happy.

All in all, for my second time in Brighton for over a decade I had an excellent day, Keegan loved it too!

Have you ever been to Brighton, what did you make of it?


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