England Adventures – Chester

Firstly I should apologise for my absence over the past couple of weeks, having Keegan here and not 10,000 miles away means I am spending tons of time with him and neglecting this a little. Balance will be restored, especially when we are living together, as the past two weeks have had some serious ‘stuff’ happening.

Also apologies on the lack of photos here too!

So here goes.

chester station

Apologies for the terrible photograph!

Last weekend we spent 24 hours in gorgeous Chester, it’s a place I know very well (my parents relocated to the area from the North East almost 8 years ago), so I spend my Christmases and family parties up there.

We arrived and checked into the Mill Hotel (will do a separate review on this), and as we were a little early, we dropped off our bags and headed out for lunch.

Lunch at Sergio’s

I knew of a little hole in the wall Italian by the cathedral called Sergios, and it sounded ideal to fill us up.The restaurant offered a 2 courses with coffee for £9.95 option – now in London this means greatly reduced portion sizes, but here, well, the portions were all full sized, to our surprise, delight and food coma.

We both opted for the same starter, a courgette stuffed with herbs and ricotta and baked a in mozzarella and tomato sauce. It was bubbling when it came out (20 bonus points!). After eating the cheesiest food EVER, our mains arrived, I had a huge pile of spag bol, and Keegan had a pizza (more cheese).

This was an utter bargain, and I urge anyone to go visit, the staff are all Italian, super friendly and the atmosphere is lovely, didn’t feel too touristy. The décor is brilliantly cheesy with a poster dedicated to Gouda in one corner. It has that feel of an Italian place you would find in Italian, real off the beaten track style cuisine and American style generous portions, superb.

Walking the city walls

For those who don’t know, Chester is a walled Roman city, even boasting its own amphitheatre which is super rad.

We rolled out of the restaurant (pretty much literally), and decided to walk the length of the city walls, this was wonderful, shamefully I’ve never done the whole thing, so this was a great ‘pretend to be a tourist’ activity. We were too full to sample some of the cafes and gelato stands along the way, but if the sun is out it is a gorgeous walk with lovely views. Just be wary, it gets quite busy in both directions, so be patient at times!

After wall climbing we did a little shopping and I was able to pick up the fashion blogger’s favourite pink dress from Toppers for just £10! Hurrah! Great party dress and will look beaut for my leaving party!

topshop pink party dress

topshop pink party dress


Thai Dinner

In the evening we were deciding on where to go for tea, originally we were going to pick one of the many restaurants in our hotel, but it was packed so we sauntered into the city, and went to the tiny but well known Ruan Orchid, on Lower Bridge street. I’ve been here before, no whilst the service was a little bit to be desired for, the food was amazing, and I’ll still go back again.

We didn’t have huge amounts of time to explore the cathedrals or museums, but Chester is amazing, and a beautiful city. It’s definitely worth a weekend there for any staycationers! We booked our tickets quite far in advance, and a return ticket in July was only £25 each from London).

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