Tears in airports – How I stopped worrying and learned to embrace my long distance relationship

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Longest blog title ever.

If you’ve been reading this blog for its short life span, you will be aware that I’m in a long distance relationship with a lovely Australian boy. (I’ll try and do a ‘relationship tag’ post or something so you get the full details!).

Sadly, Keegan’s working visa was not renewed, so in December 2013 he packed his things and moved back home. We actively made the decision TOGETHER to take this long distance, and as I’m closing that gap after 9 months apart and only 2 meetups in between, I thought I could drop you some realistic tips for how to survive a little distance.

If we can battle 10,000 miles, anyone can. Remember they are not as saccharine and sweep you off your feet romantic as tumblr makes it out to be!

Stay strong

These things are bloody hard work. Everyone has days where they miss their SO so much it hurts. Sometimes it hurts to breathe when I think about about him, and how much I miss him, but I know that the end game will be the ultimate payoff, so it’s worth it.

Skype is your friend

You don’t have to skype every day, you have to do what feels comfortable for you. Remember you both have lives and had lives previous to the relationship, don’t suffocate each other, as there will be more pressure on you whilst you’re apart. There is no room for jealousy in LDRs, you have to trust each other implicitly.

Our weekly skype catch ups have made us stronger than ever as a couple, it’s important to have that video contact so you can see each other’s lovely faces.

We don’t watch each other fall asleep on cam either, if that is your thing, awesome, but it’s a bit much for us. 

Pick a comfortable way to contact

We personally choose to use facebook messenger over whatsapp or viber as you can use it on phones and computers, you can send links and images easier too! We ‘speak’ via this every day, even if it’s just a ‘hello, hope you’re having a great day’ message – we make the effort.

The longest times we go without contact is if one of us is flying or sleeping.

Long distance relationships cost money and time

It sounds stupid and this might sound harsh, but if the distance is going to be for long periods of time, make sure you are both financially able to survive it (and that you have an understanding boss).

If you don’t have a job, get one (not as easy as it sounds I know, but your partner deserves the extra effort).

Airline tickets, travel money, adventures and activities together, care packages etc, these things cost money. If only one of you is financially making the effort – are you both mature enough to get through this? Will it be financially one sided when you close the distance?

It is totally fine to ‘save for your life together’ but are you both saving? What is your end game?

Don’t underestimate the power of the care package

Send each other mystery gifts and lovely care packages.

We like to theme ours, and I like to include things I know that will make him smile loads, he knows to include packets of my favourite aussie candy. Keep it simple.

Try and close the distance ASAP

Let’s be honest, these things suck. In short, you both have to work effin’ hard to get through it, and both of you have to put your entire heart and soul into someone who is essentially the other side of a screen for long periods of time.

Do whatever you can to close the gap between you both. Save that cash, work it out, and live a beautiful life.

Are any of you lot in an LDR? Did you find my honesty a bit tough? Do you have any tips for others in LDRs?

If you need any frank advice or have any questions, you can email me privately on claire@24hoursfromhome.com

3 responses to “Tears in airports – How I stopped worrying and learned to embrace my long distance relationship

  1. Love this post! I don’t technically have a long distance relationship but was away from my boyfriend for 5 months when I was on exchange last year so I think it kind of counts!

    I found it really hard but it was a little easier for me because I was on a holiday and having fun but we both used Skype or FaceTime a lot and then messaged each other in between. I think it’s important as well to keep sharing the little things about your day that sometimes get lost if you don’t talk as often

    You and your boyfriend should try the app ‘couple’ if you haven’t already. That’s the main thing my boyfriend and I use. It’s kind of like Facebook but you only have each other as friends. It’s just a really easy way to message and send photos and videos and you can also draw things and the thing I like is that there is a button you can press and it just sends through a little thought bubble that says ‘thinking of you’ to the other person. Anyway I highly recommend checking it out! I prefer it over facey messages.

    Sam xx


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