England Adventures – The Mill Hotel, Chester

My sister booked me in here as a surprise for Keegan and I during our trip up north. All I was told is ‘bring a swimming costume, it has a spa’ – perfect I thought.

The Mill Hotel is located about 200 yards from the train station and another 200 yards from the city centre. It’s a pretty great location.


We arrived around midday (a little early for check in, I know, I know but we tried to take a chance), sadly the receptionist on the desk was a little short and rude with us, we hoped it was because it was extremely busy in the foyer and she had been dealing with all of the checkouts from an hour previously.

After being sent away (we were allowed to leave our bags, but they requested we place them in the middle of the busy foyer – leaving me a little uneasy), we went and grabbed lunch, read about that here.

Upon returning, there had a been a change of staff, who were all really cheerful and lovely!

Our room was nice and the sheets were lovely and soft. However, the actual decor in the room was a little tired and quite chintzy in that charming old school hotel way.

The TV was small but had freeview, the wifi was easy to pick up and there was a tiny kettle set, complete with cookies and a range of coffees and teas.

mill hotel chester inside room

Photo courtesy of Millhotel.com

One thing that did surprise me, was that there were no beauty minis in the bathroom, for a hotel boasting a pool and leisure facilities, I would have also expected  something more than a combined hair and body wash screwed into the wall – that made it feel very ‘travelodge’ to me.

Leisure Facilities

We headed down to the pool after a little break, and I made use of the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room whilst Keegan did his thing in the pool. I thought the pool was lovely, the decor was nice, it was clean and compact and we both felt very refreshed afterwards.

In the evening we had a drink in their real ale bar, and this place was great! We chose a Portland ale which was very reasonable (3.40 a pint), and sat outside on the canal watching the boats go by. Lovely.


In the morning breakfast was provided. There was a huge selection and waiters bring toast and tea to your table.

I felt like the whole experience was rushed, the sign on the table ‘please vacate after eating, and drink your tea in the other room’ and the hovering wait staff made us feel extremely uneasy. We wanted a leisurely breakfast but this felt more like we were being watched – including my pet hate – removing of plates from one diner when another diner is still eating.

I have also worked in the industry, I understand the pressure the staff are under, but your guests are paying guests, and you shouldn’t force them to rush.

I’m sorry!

Look, this has probably read a bit negative, when actually we really enjoyed our stay here. The Mill is very very close to Chester train station, and the leisure and food/beverage facilities were good. However, I feel like it needs a bit of updating – the old fashioned decor errs on the side of 1970s/1980s, some of the staff seemed irritated by the presence of guests

This wasn’t intended to be a negative review, I think I was just a little disappointed in them. I would probably stay again, because of the location, but I’d be hesitant to want to book in breakfast.

We stayed in a standard class room on a Sunday in July, and the booking was made directly with the hotel. If you want to book a stay with them, check out their website.

2 responses to “England Adventures – The Mill Hotel, Chester

  1. Sounds like you had a good time, overall 🙂 Where are you heading next?
    (P.S.: thanks for following me by the way, happy you found me! I am such a curious travel blog reader, haha!)


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