29 days

one month


On the 4th of September, I have to board a plane to Brisbane (shiiiit).

My necessary flight change is in China, where I have a three hour layover, but other than that it seems like it will be a pretty painless flight (only 23 hours in total, nothing compared to the previous ones!).

It’s really starting to kick in, that in 29 days (31 for the Aussie side), I’ll be back in Australia.

I’m almost done with some of the main things that need sorting, (the boring things like cancelling sky tv and sorting out storage), my driving test is in a few days (wah!), and I’m pretty much getting everything together.

I do have to pretty much buy myself a whole new wardrobe. Which is sort of cool/annoying at the same time!

However, I don’t quite feel nervous yet, I’m never one to feel nervous anyway. I’ve always been one of those people who throws caution to the wind instead of staying in and waiting for the weather forecast.


My leaving party is sorted, and I have a table booked in a pub in Camden with some of my closest friends. It’s also a combo party for a friend coming over from the States and my sister’s birthday party. Naturally feel free to pop along if you’re in the area. Details can be found here

Mostly, I don’t think I even have time to sit and reflect, I have an interview today for some work that will book me out until August 31st, so I know I will be kept busy!

This has been more of a braindump post than anything else, oops!

How do you guys deal with nerves?

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