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Messing around at the top of Gulfoss

Because I am about to go on a crazy massive trip, and because I am nosy, I thought I would start a little tag,

Even if you haven’t left your own country, I still want to read your answers! You don’t have to be a hardcore traveler to take part, you just need to love having adventures.

I will leave this open as it’s the first one, so if you read it, you are tagged.

The rules:

  • answer the questions
  • link to the original poster and their blog
  • pop a comment on the blog post you are tagged in when you have completed the tag, so the original poster is prompted to read it.
  • tag a blogger or youtuber youself (as many as you like!).

Last place you visited (non vacation)

I was in Barnet in North London doing some driving lessons

Last place you visited (vacation)

Chester totally counts, even if it was for just 24 hours!

Favourite transport method

Trains – I love to watch the world whizzing by and it’s one of the only methods that doesn’t make me travel sick.

Least favourite transport method

Either boats or cars in tiny country lanes, too much moving around is not my thing!

Favourite city

London, Chicago or Melbourne. There are too many to choose! London is incredible, especially once you’re not a tourist, and Chicago and Melbs are just gorgeous places. I am so excited to be in Melbourne for more than just a simple holiday!

view bedroom sunrise

Least favourite city

For me it was St. Louis, MO. I just didn’t like it too much. Partly because I was a bit sick when I was there, but also because there wasn’t anything that shined. This is my personal opinion, and I could be totally wrong, so let me know if you think otherwise! There are some amazing parts of MO, I just wish I had loved St Louis a bit more.

Favourite airport

Mine is Charlotte, NC – partly because of the rocking chairs (and free wifi) in the main atrium, but also because it’s calming, light and airy.

A few of the airport hubs in the states are a little dark and dreary, but I thought Charlotte was lovely! Loads of places to choose for dinner too!

Favourite currency

I’m not biased but I love how you can’t rip or tear Australian money. It’s like something from a sci-fi film! There are also ANIMALS on the coins and they don’t bother with cents and pennies. It’s all rounded up. Genius.

Favourite language that is not your mother tongue.

Probably French because I understand it a little, but I also think it’s a beautiful and romantic sounding language!

You’re given $200 in travel vouchers, what do you spend it on?

A twin room in a nice hotel in my own city, preferably with a pool and spa, so I can take a friend with me!

arizona diamondbacks

Checking out the Diamondbacks in Arizona

You’re given $2,000 in travel vouchers, what do you spend that on?

I would go back to America and do a road trip around the Southern states that I haven’t been to yet.

What is your opinion of airline food?

I am not the biggest fan, my body is a bit weird (hates me eating late at night etc), and aeroplane meals tend to be served at such weird times.

Plus, you’re fed CONSTANTLY, I don’t eat that much in a 12-24 hour period, it’s crazy how they cram you with food!

TIP: Layover airports and hubs are perfect for grabbing something more substantial, so if you can try and opt for healthy food inflight,  if you need to, go crazy for carbs in the airport where you’ll find it is probably less processed (this probably deserves its own blog post).

Fondest travel memory?

Probably Route 66 with my sister or watching the Northern Lights with Keegan last November.

Favourite travel soundtrack?

If you could only take three beauty items on a long haul flight, what would they be?

Definitely an uber moisturiser, my Soap & Glory puffy eye cream and lip balm.


So there you go, looking forward to reading what you come up with!


3 responses to “The Travel Addict tag

  1. oh wow those are too many questions but it’s cool to read your answers!
    I’ll answer a couple. The last place is was at (non vacation) was Coyoacán a little town in Mexico City, we went there to eat yesterday. The last place I visited (vacation) was Agua Blanca Beach in Oaxaca, Mexico and it was beautiful (you can see pictures of it on my blog
    My favorite city would be either Mexico City or New York. They both have so many things to do and visit it’s crazy. However I don’t like to see that much people ALL the time EVERYWHERE. I’d rather stay in a smaller city.

    Ana Lu from Things&Crowns


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