Quirky places to stay: La Posada de Santa Fe, New Mexico

Okay Breaking Bad jokes ASIDE, New Mexico is a gorgeous state, there are artist colonies and reservations everywhere, and it’s a crazy change from the Texan landscape we had encountered the few days before!

We actually stumbled on Santa Fe by chance, we were intending to stay on route by the state line, but noone turned up to the motel when we went to check in. We decided on the spot, to try out Santa Fe, and it’s the greatest diversion choice we ever made!

After spending ten days in various vintage roadside motels across the US, La Posada De Santa Fe was our first luxury pick (we didn’t book in advance, but then we stayed in low season (march and pre-Easter break). If we were offered rack rate, as is standard when approaching hotels off the bat, then we did exceptionally well!

The rate was just $169 for the night, which at around £50 each, is definitely a treat, but still way less than most inner city London hotels.

Our first impressions were a) oh god the car is full of candy wrappers, the posh valets have to see them and this is a gorgeous hotel b) oh god, this is a gorgeous hotel.

la posada new mexico

The entrance, valet parking also provided!

The notion of resort hotels is often lost on the Brits as it’s not something we really ‘do’ – Center Parcs is probably our closest dupe I guess! And yes, you will also need a map to work your way around the grounds but not a bicycle like the UK counterpart.

This is a resort with “casita” style accommodation – rather than approaching a corridor with your keycard, you approach maisonette style houses, all built in typical desert style tock.  Maybe we had spent a lot of time in motels, but this place was breathtaking.

la posada inside room santa fe

One of the gorgeous ‘casita’ style rooms

la posada bathroom

The incredible bathroom interior – bliss!

It’s the little things

Small touches like special filtered water to help you acclimatize to the altitude, and insanely cool tiny toiletries really helped us settle in! The body lotion was unbelieveable, and a welcome soother from the shock of showering in different states, it sorted our dry skin right out.

We were there on a Monday, and our highlight was complimentary margarita making lessons in the main bar. We made friends with an awesome couple from Scottsdale, AZ (who we ended up having dinner with on that part of our trip).

We also made use of the pool, spa and gym facilities, all top notch. A proper little luxury tucked away in one of my favourite towns in the USA.

Sadly we were only there for one night, if you’re in the area, I thoroughly recommend driving from Santa Fe down to Madrid if you can – the drive was stunning to say the least, and Madrid was filled with quirky artists and the tastiest breakfast burrito ever. I also made friends with a llama.

The hotel is offering some great packages and rates right now, check them out here.

Big thanks to Marcia over at La Posada De Santa Fe for granting permission to use their photos.

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