How to: blog like a businesswoman #1

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I’m no expert when it comes to blogging from a personal level, blogging with this frequency just for me is still quite alien.

However, as a pretty successful digital marketer, and as a person who has implemented blogs and websites for businesses and places I have worked since 2007, I have a rough idea of what works and what doesn’t in terms of generating traffic and getting those page views.

This is more likely to be a series of posts, so you don’t get bored!

Pick the right platform for you

Personally I use wordpress, I find it much more flexible. I’m currently using but will move to quite soon!

If you’re really really new to blogging, I’d probably suggest blogger, it has a great emphasis on community, and it’s perfect for beauty and lifestyle posts.

Content is king

Remember why you started to blog in the first place, you’re creating content about you, or what you love. Be eloquent, avoid unintentional repetition, make it light, and simple.

I have a really great content marketing calendar, and if anyone would like a copy just send an email:

Watch your word count

Honestly, TL:DR is something I find with a lot of blogs. Do you really need 1500 words for a photo heavy post?

Would you read someone else’s post that was 1500 words long?

You should think of aiming for 300-500 words per post. Somehow got 1500 words and don’t want to cut it down? Split it into 3 posts, a series of posts is more likely to gain you repeat traffic, schedule them into alternate days with other content in the middle, so you’re providing even more great stuff.

It’s also okay to break the rules now and again, but judge it properly, writing only long posts is one way to get me to switch off and not visit again.

FIND YOUR VOICE (it may take a while, but it will be there).

Comment with code on blogs

I read so many blog posts, and notice so many comments that don’t link properly.

Here is the code you need – just insert it after your comment:

<a href=””>the text they will see</a> 

It might look all alien if you’re not used to coding but it will look like this:

the text they will see

Adding this code means you can direct users to specific posts or alert them to giveaways. You have the total freedom here to be super creative!

This not only creates you a backlink, but means that other visitors may jump onto your blog after reading your comment.

Keep a tally

I have a fairly complex excel spreadsheet of all the blogs I comment on, the dates, types of blogs they are etc. Get organised, spot the ‘big players’ and work on building your community.

7 responses to “How to: blog like a businesswoman #1

  1. These are such brilliant tips! I use Blogger for my personal blog but I’ve recently got a new job as the social media manager and blogger for a health and beauty company and they use WordPress, so I’m currently getting to grips with using that. It’s taking some getting used to but I’ll be pleased to be able to say that I can work on both platforms! Keep up the good work 🙂

    Meg at Meg Says


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