How to: blog like a businesswoman #2 (the ramble)

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If you’re like me, you probably have a 9-5 day job and a 6-12 blogging job. Blogging becomes your obsession in the beginning, I still have friends that make fun of me for taking random photos everywhere or just don’t really ‘get’ it.

We all have days where we feel hideously uninspired (please check out Sam’s amazing blog post here about this)she is one smart cookie, that girl.

IT IS TOTALLY FINE if you don’t feel like posting for a week and equally fine when you have days where you rampage through and write 8 posts in an evening and have a week’s worth of content ready to go.

We’re not perfect, we don’t have PAs or marketing assistants to do this for us, so we need to try and make our blogging life as simple as possible.

Don’t expect perfection

Contrary to my blogposts, I don’t spend every day at farmer’s markets or airports. What you see, are snippets from my life and things I enjoy doing. It is not all glitz and glamour up in here.

I’m writing this whilst wearing gym gear, make up free with a badly implemented topknot and a cat asleep at my feet. I wish I had the funds and the stomach to sit in starbucks tapping away at my keyboard all day, watching the crowds and taking photos of my latte.

I’m not even sitting at my desk right now, I’m on my bed, because it’s comfy, and snacks are in better reach here.

This went on a bit…

This entire post probably reads like ‘how to defend blogging’, but it’s really not. This is something I enjoy, I’d love for this personal blog to be my actual job, but for now I just enjoy sharing these moments with you guys.

I’m so grateful for my small lil’ community that personal writing has introduced me to, and the friends I have gained in such a short space of time.

Surely this is why we do this? Community, friendship and an outlet for our words.

The day this is posted, I will be meeting up with the amazing Laura  for the first time, we’ll most likely be eating burgers and quite possibly shopping in Cheshire Oaks.

I promise to keep the next one a little more list orientated and helpful, I just think it’s important for us to remember why we became bloggers in the first place.

Sorry, not sorry for the ramble.


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