England Adventuring – Cane and Grain, Manchester

*I should probably point out before going into a series of posts about Manchester, that whilst I did live there from 2005-2011, I am not the universal knowledge keeper of all things Manc, this is just stuff I like, rather than stuff all the guide books tell you to do!

The bank holiday was my first time back in Manchester since 2011, and it really is an amazing city. I met up with one of my oldest friends, for a whistlestop (rum) tour of the place, and a tiny bar and restaurant crawl.

Our first port of call, was ‘Cane & Grain’ – a rib and rum shack on Tib Street. It looked like it had replaced one of my favourite stores (there was a HALF PIPE in the shop), and I was a little downtrodden to the tone of ‘not ANOTHER bbq place’. The neon Chicago Cubs sign in the window, weirdly satiated my scepticism. The menu also looked stellar, albeit short.

I ordered a rum and rootbeer float (of course), and as we were both a little peckish, we ordered a side of french fries, tator tots, rib ends and some pork & beans to share. We did this, because the regular meals would be too big for lunch and we had other plans for dinner!

root beer float

cane and grain manchester

The fries were salted perfectly, and the tots were ideal for dipping in the beans. Although there were a little bit tough, the rib ends were also sublime.

I was also impressed that Neutral Milk Hotel and Radiohead were on the same playlist. Slight affirmation we were in the presence of cool.

The decor was quirky, and gave a lovely nod to the previous residents. Shots from Thrasher magazine are plastered over the walls and cutlery holders, and my seat was a longboard deck. Super cool.

My friend did mention that at night the queue for the place is out of the door, so if it’s a place you fancy trying, I’d suggest going in the daytime, they were very quiet on Sunday lunchtime, making it the perfect destination for good food and conversation. So yes, do visit if just for the cocktails!

cane and grain

my gorgeous friend!

Price point

Now I found this place fairly reasonable, but it’s not that cheap. To me it’s a little cheaper than London prices, but if you’re there as a group, you get a decent deal.


A very rare photo of me supping on my rum! Hope you all had a great bank holiday, what did you get up to?

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