Becoming independent – some tips

indepedent living

This post was inspired by a post on my gorgeous fella’s blog, here.

I leave on Thursday, it’s really really crept up on me. I can’t believe all my planning since January is coming to a head in less than a week.

I have seen many friends, both old and new, caught up with family, spent time in the countryside and possibly over indulged just a little bit.

Last night was my leaving party, and I will admit I shed a few tears, there are going to be some people I miss so much.

I wanted to give some tips and advice for dealing with distance (not just long distance relationships) but distance from friends and family. Some of you might be off to university a few hundred miles from home, or maybe you’re also embarking on an extended international adventure like me. I just thought it would be nice to attempt to impart some knowledge for how I am dealing with the emotional side of things.

1. Try new things

University was a weird one, I personally loved it, but I also know people who dropped out because they missed home comforts.

For some uni or travelling might just be a bit ‘too much’ on the independence scale, but, I always say that you never know unless you try these things. University felt like home to me, I went from one small town to another, but grew from a wallflower into a pretty confident person. I also met lots of new friends who I had lots in common with. Travel and separation from regular routines can open up these possibilities.

2. Skype exists

Use skype and the internet to keep in touch! We’re going to be making video diaries for YouTube once we’re out there, because it’s going to be the easiest way to reach out to family and friends, as well as another way of looking back on memories aside from our blogs.

3. Crying in airports/public/bars isn’t (too) weird

I’m not really a crier, but I have been reduced to tears on a number of occasions recently. Some of it is me getting overwhelmed with happiness, and also a bit of sadness that I’m gonna miss some people a whole lot. I am also used to crying in airports now, and mostly that doesn’t phase anyone as I’d say a good chunk of travellers are also a bit weepy too. Basically, let the tears out, it’s not silly to be upset about missing people!

4. Write notes

I realised trying to say goodbye to some of the more important people would get me really choked up, so I bought some lovely notecards from paperchase and wrote down what I wanted to say to them. I also think it’s important to have these momentos. A handwritten note will mean 30 times as much as a facebook message. Trust me.

So that’s all I got for now! What are your tips for getting over the scary bits and taking the plunge with independence?

4 responses to “Becoming independent – some tips

  1. Oh, Skype, how I love you. Everytime I was abroad, I loved how easy it is to keep in touch with everyone back home. And when it comes to crying at the airport…been there, done that. When my sister left me, after visiting me during my semester in Ireland, I wept like a baby at the airport 😉 I didn’t even notice, if others saw that 😉


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