I have arrived!

Sorry for the huge lack of posts over the past week or so, firstly we had the internet cut off in our place in London (so I had 4 days without it), and then traveling over has sort of knocked me for six.

However, yes, I have made it, the culmination of months of long distance and hard work has paid off, and I am finally in Australia. I am currently staying with my boy’s parents until mid-late Sept, then we’re off to Melbourne for the foreseeable future. I. Can’t Wait.

I have not been up to a whole lot, sadly. I caught a cold on board my long flight, and that coupled with jet lag has meant I have been recuperating instead of adventuring.

My first night was spent in a different place, my fella was at the end of a house sit for family friends (got to meet some awesome pups).

Things that have happened since I got here:

  • I now have an Aussie number (kind of important, mostly for 3G and contacting potential employers)
  • I discovered that YesTo make a HAIR CARE range here (it’s bloody great – I will try and do a lil’ review post)
  • I have seen Guardians Of The Galaxy (equal parts cheese, equal parts awesome).

…and yes, I did hit up Sushi Train on my first day here (how could I not?!).

Here’s a couple of pics to get you going, but I promise, I am back, and I will be updating much more frequently. (I admit there are 3 pictures of dogs, but you know, DOGS ARE COOL).

buddy blonde labradoodle cooper


6 responses to “I have arrived!

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  2. So excited to have found your blog after you commented on my current skincare post- I’m moving to Brisbane in a month to live with my Australian boyfriend and it’s really nice reading about another Brit who has made the move! Will definitely be keeping up to date with your blog 🙂

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook


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