Australian Adventures – BSKT Cafe, Gold Coast

bskt cafe gold coast

A couple of weeks ago, Keegan was asked to housesit, (remember Charlie?) for some family friends.

Today, as a thank you for looking after their pups, they asked to take him (and by default me) for brunch. Their treat.

They decided upon an area called Nobby’s Beach in the Miami district of the Gold Coast and picked a restaurant called BSKT.

BSKT (apparently pronounced biscuit) is a cafe on the beachfront, and serves up a mixture of protein packed goodies and local healthy produce. Think proper burgers, brilliant salads and full english breakfasts that really pack a healthy punch.

Food, glorious food.

I went for the Navajo Native Breakfast, but switched out the fried eggs for poached. Tiny poachies aside, the dish was gorgeous. The BSKT beans were incredible (like a posher 5 bean salad), and the flat breads didn’t sit as heavily as a couple of slices of seeded batch usually would. I’m also completely addicted to avocado, so the avo and tomato salsa was right up my street.

Drinks wise, I opted for the Superfoods smoothie, it mostly tasted of bananas (which is no bad thing) but it was nice to know I was drinking something healthy!

For reference, my dining companions opted for burgers, a lamb curry and the vegan spring rolls. All our plates were clean.Five very appreciative diners for sure.

It was a real delight to eat something that wasn’t just typical processed food that you usually get in these beachfront eating establishments.

Price point wise, it wasn’t overly cheap, but if you enjoy a good brunch, it’s worth hitting up. I can imagine it gets pretty insane on the weekends, so I’d head down early, or wait and have a late lunch.

My brunch dish and smoothie came to about $24AUD (£15) which I think is pretty reasonable for good quality and healthy food. I had a really lovely lunch of great food and awesome company.

If you want something a little off the beaten tourist path on the Gold Coast (a rarity), head here for sure.

Now, I need me another of those smoothies…

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