How to create a HTML link for blog comments

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This isn’t the first time I have put this into a post, but I feel like it might need one in its own right.

There are SO MANY blogs out there, and so many I want to visit, but if you don’t create an active link when you leave a comment; how can I visit your page easily? I know I can copy and paste, but what if I am reading on a mobile or my tablet – not so easy at all!

The lowdown

If you want to make a comment look like this:

‘Great Post!! Claire xox

24 Hours From Home – Travel, Adventures and Beauty

All you need to type into your comment boxes is this:

<a href=”“>your blog name</a>


  • The burgundy bit is the link you are trying to link people to, (is it a giveaway page or just your homepage)?
  • The pink bit needs to be the description of your link – )you can get creative or just be simple – it’s totally up to you).

So, the code I wrote above will look like this when I hit ‘Submit’ on a blog comment:

Your Blog Name

 If done correctly, HTML will work in any blog comment box.

REMEMBER: URL between speech marks, description between arrows.

 Store it!

I use the Sticky Notes function on my computer and have my HTML permanently linked so I can just copy and paste it when I need, instead of typing out the code each time.

I think a properly coded link looks way more professional, and really makes your blog stand out!


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