How living in your dream city beats being a tourist…

living in melbourne vs visiting

Now don’t get me wrong, life as a tourist is pretty sweet. You get to spend a couple of weeks ignoring your diet, your savings have been converted into play money (it doesn’t feel like real, real money…) and it’s totally acceptable to have more than one glass of wine with dinner.

I’ve now been living in Australia for 3 weeks. Gone are tourist hikes and jam packed museum trips, and in has come laundry runs, supermarket trips where we’re buying more than just souvenir sweets and learning more about public transport than just the city loop.

How does it differ?

FIrstly, I am not just lazing around reading a book – I’ve been in hole in the wall cafés most mornings, job hunting and compiling blog posts. I’ve been soaking up local customs instead of shopping on high streets.

I have been very limited with my booze intake too, instead preferring to spend my cash on making a homecooked dinner. (It also doesn’t help that a crate of 24 bottles of beer costs $40).

I have been learning the beauty that is and swooning over the fact I can have a beautiful apartment for a fraction of the cost of a flat in London.

I’m finding that living here in Melbourne means that life is at a slower pace compared to the hectic tourist life. It feels so right living here, and I am so happy to call this city my new home.

Obviously I’ve not sworn off tourism altogether, packing in a week or weekend somewhere new is a surefire way to find a new place you love! I am excited for all the new adventures over the weeks to come.



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