Australian Adventures – Mornin’ Gorgeous, Melbourne

My first week in Melbourne was spent living in a friend’s spare room in Richmond. Richmond is a really cute area, and we were lucky to have some friends who reside right in the middle of the action! (un)luckily for us, our friends still don’t have wifi (they only just moved into their apartment), so we were able to check out loads of local cafes, trying not to abuse their internet too much.

One place we stumbled upon was ‘Mornin’ Gorgeous on Bridge Street.

As soon as we entered, we encountered some lovely friendly staff, who were more than willing to let us use their wifi. We were also there on a Tuesday, which meant $10 breaky specials! Keegan opted for a smashed avocado and feta cheese on toast and got three huge portions. I went for the granola, fruit and yoghurt sundae with a smoothie on the side.

Both of our meals went down a treat, and were exceptionally good value. There is a also a plethora of sandwiches and cakes to choose from over the counter if the specials menu doesn’t interest you.

Friendly and accomodating staff, really tasty and light breakfasts means that this should be a staple if you’re ever in the Richmond area doing some bargain hunting.

It came to about $26 in total for breakfast, a total bargain.

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