Meet as many bloggers as you can

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Whether you just want to meet a like minded blogger face to face or attend bigger meets like Vidcon, it’s really important and a key part of blogging to connect with other bloggers.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to do this in 2 continents so far, and although I can imagine it might be a little stressful if you’re not used to meeting new people, here’s a few tips to go about it.


I was fortunate enough to have the lovely Sam from Smart Twenties send me an email asking if I would like to join her Facebook group. It is comprised of 20 female bloggers, we discuss tips, goals and share the highs and lows of blogging and our day to day busy lives, judgement free. Our group is filled with girls from all over the world, and they’re not just talented bloggers, but top notch ladies. I’m so happy to be part of it.

I met the amazing Laura through this (for an awesome burger tea) just a week before I left (our whatsapp convos are now usually early AM or late PM), and I also got to meet Sam, Ellen and Jasmine for a girly lunch in a gorge cafe in Brisbane a few days before I moved down to Melbourne.

The great thing about these meet ups is that we all maybe discussed blogging for 10 minutes tops, but spent the rest of the time nattering away, scarfing delicious food.


v&A gift shop

Don’t be afraid to tell others that you blog! It’s not something to be ashamed of!

Find a blogger you like, and talk to them. Send them an email or tweet them. I’ve had email conversations with uber travel bloggers as well as convos with newcomers like me. You never know where these connections might lead.

There are also regular twitter chats, mainly using hashtags like #blogchat – often led by one person asking questions. I always see loads of engagement around these posts, they definitely work and you might meet some new people just browsing through hashtags.


Use social media, use hashtags, tell your audience and friends about your posts. One share could open up an opportunity to meet other bloggers.


As well as sharing, Hashtags can help you discover blogs and bloggers on twitter, groups on linkedin and facebook can also help. Although I don’t really see the benefit, Bloglovin is also a great tool for bloggers. I prefer landing on actual blogs rather than scrolling through BL, it’s still an invaluable tool for all bloggers out there, and again a good opportunity to find likeminded bloggers to meet.


Meet somewhere neutral and central, that’s easy to get to, or close to public transport links. Some may have to travel further than others. Consider coffee shops and restaurants over bars so the noise levels are at the right level for you to have conversation.

Mostly have fun, get out there, connect. Laugh. Make new friends.

I can’t wait to meet other bloggers over the next few months, and I’m so glad to have met the other girls. It has definitely made me a happier and more confident blogger.

Have you met any bloggers in real life? Do you have any tips?

17 responses to “Meet as many bloggers as you can

  1. I can’t wait to start meeting bloggers I’m going to my first meet up this month and I’ve been talking with other bloggers on twitter and all I have to say is the blogging community is so friendly 🙂


  2. This is great! I am so glad I have met you lovelies ladies (virtually)! Truly an amazing group we have! All thanks to Sam for creating the group! Wish you ladies were near by! I would so love to meet you all in person! 🙂


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