Spring Beauty Favourites

soap and glory hand food

One of the weirdest things about shifting hemispheres has to be shifting into a different set of seasons. Namely, I have to go through Summer again. (Australia is one season behind, so I have to endure jelly sandals and pastels in the stores for another SIX MONTHS).

However, as jealous as I am getting of all your ‘yay autumn’ posts, I do get to have summer again. This definitely rocks in the beauty department. No wind blasted dry skin and chapped lips for one. I’m not as deathly pale as I get in winter, so I am able to wear lighter make up than usual.

This is what I have been digging here in my first few weeks:

The Foundation: Revlon Age Defying Makeup

revlon make up myer

Revlon Age Defying Make Up

I bought this a few days ago, and I am in LOVE. It’s a decent medium coverage that isn’t glittery but still adds a little dewyness to my complexion. The added SPF is a bonus, because it’s a definite must have here. It glides on real easy too, and blends in nicely.

I have found that it just looks natural, rather than being a super super heavy all coverage thing. It’s going to be ideal for my new commute to work!

It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin either, however, I have found I have to wear a little primer with it, to hold it in place.

The Mascara – Rimmel Wonder’Full Mascara

Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara

I actually picked this up in the UK a couple of days before I left. This is the new mascara from Rimmel, and it’s packed with Argan oil to help moisturise your lashes.

This mascara is GORGE, it makes my lashes look full and natural, but not fake, I honestly prefer this to They’re Real (shocker). It’s definitely a good go-to for the office but probably not dramatic enough for a night out. I love it to bits.

The Concealer – And Other Stories Concealer

and other stories concealer

And Other Stories – Total Retouch Concealer

This is another one I picked up at home before I left. And Other Stories sell of the BEST things, (just check out Lily Melrose or Essie Button‘s blogs if you need more proof for how awesome their clothing ranges are). I would also find myself wandering around their make up aisles, slightly overwhelmed but partly in awe at how beautiful most of the stuff there is. The packaging is stunning (think like a silver Touche Eclat). This is sold out, so if anyone has any suggestions for an alternative, I am all ears!

I have shade one, and the product itself is rose toned, it’s very light but really counteracts the yellow in the undereye bit, it’s such a lovely product. I just need a decent dupe now!

The Hand Cream – Soap and Glory Hand Food

soap and glory hand food

Soap and Glory Hand Food

I found Soap and Glory in Australia without the need to order online! So now I am a happy brit. (It’s in Myer in Melbs if you’re interested). It’s slightly more expensive than the UK, but I don’t mind. I have been using Hand Food for about 5 years now, and it’s the best hand cream I have ever used. It’s inexpensive, moisturises the hardest of hands and smells divine.

The scent is their signature, part powdery marshmallows and quite light and sweet, it’s really lovely and super subtle. The consistency is very light but also feels rich at the same time, so you don’t get greasy hands everywhere.

Worth checking out if you can get your hands (sorry) on it.

Do you have any favourites for Spring? Any Northern Hemisphere ladies got any favourites for Autumn?

6 responses to “Spring Beauty Favourites

    • Their clothes are so lovely! Have you heard of Monki? It’s like a younger version of AOS and owned by them too! I’ll be putting in orders with my families!

      I’ve found this mascara okay, it might be because less product is needed so it doesn’t clump and the brush is plastic?


  1. It’s crazy but refreshing to see the word spring on a blog amidst of all the A/W posts.
    I had that mascara and it’s my current fave. Such a natural but lengthening mascara.
    I love the look of the concealer, very much like the YSL.
    Kelly’s Journal


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