Australian Adventures – Lord of the Fries, Melbourne

I was hoping that Melbourne hadn’t fallen to the same ‘fancy fast food’ fate as London; extortionate prices for sub par food, unwelcoming staff and ridiculous queues.

How wrong I have been thus far.

One of the first places I tried back in March (and again at the weekend) was Lord Of The Fries.

Lord Of The Fries, Fries Menu (image courtesy of LOTF)

LOTF do things a little differently to most burger/fries joints – everything is vegetarian or vegan for one. (Always a plus when you’re trying to please a whole heap of people).

Their selling points are the sauces for their fries which dominate the menu compared to their burgers and hotdogs. You pick a size and potato type, then if you’re feeling more than a little brave you pick a topping. The regular size is also extremely generous, and could almost feed two (if you’re feeling generous yourself).

This time round I went for the ‘Mexican’:

lord of the fires

I also opted for sweet potato fries and a super creamy peanut butter shake as my ‘side dish’.

The salsa was the right kind of spicy, and the sour cream rounded if off nicely. The twice cooked sweet potato chips were also fried to perfection. Absolutely gorgeous.

Keegan went all out and had their large Poutine Burger with some regular London fries on the side. Incredible. Let’s just stare at their poutine burger for a second.

LOTF Poutine Burger. Tastes as good as it looks. (image courtesy of LOTF)


This is probably my favourite ‘fast food’ outlet here in Melbourne so far. The staff have been super friendly both times, and the food is gorgeous.

This isn’t a fancy joint you pop into for a mega posh meal, but it’s still gourmet. Perfect if you need something filling whilst you’re shopping with the girls in central Melbs or just before a boozy night out.

I can’t wait to get back and try more.

Lord of the Fries are at various locations around Melbourne and Sydney. This post is not sponsored, I just love chips quite a lot.

10 responses to “Australian Adventures – Lord of the Fries, Melbourne

  1. I have walked by these a hundred times and never eaten there. I just thought it was a burger and fries joint. I’m gonna have to check it out now. Those sauces!


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