Skin care mistakes

skincare mistakes

I love skincare, I’m not necessarily a high end addict, but there’s something calming about having a morning and night routine to soothe your face and get it all prepped and ready for either the day ahead or a night’s slumbering.

I also just love trying out new lotions and potions too, it’s so much fun!

The problem:

When I moved out here, I had to ditch most of my skincare (all but a moisturiser and eye cream), so I was more or less starting from scratch. That’s probably quite an exciting prospect for some, but I’m also having to watch the pennies, and can’t really justify blowing my food budget on a facial cleanser at the moment.

The wrong solution:

Unfortunately I probably made error #1 and bought face wipes on my first day. (I thought it would save money/time).

I actually swore off using wipes on my face months ago. I would still buy them, but only really use them to wipe my hands of make up or help remove smudges (OR unless I am feeling ultra ultra lazy – read: drunk).

STILL, I caved and bought some $1 wipes from Target that claimed to Cleanse, Tone AND Moisturise in one. It also said they were recommended for ‘teen skin’, but my skin is in alright condition, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt for a week or two. How wrong I was.

Firstly, this is clearly a wipe of wizardry (cleanse, tone AND MOISTURISE – what sort of chemicals are in these things!?).

They were super harsh, and perhaps it might have been the fact there are three products in one, but they were quite heavy on the skin and didn’t really remove my make up, but more smudge it about it a bit.

I was also applying my Moisturiser with SPF on top, so my usually normal skin was going all greasy and shiny (hot look).

I was really swayed by the price point on these, $1 is super super cheap, but they are definitely not worth it.

In conclusion:

I went and picked up some Micellar Water (with 30% off) yesterday, so I can feel like I’m actually doing a bit more of a cleanse, and hopefully I can try and rectify what these wipes have done to my face.

I am definitely not going to use wipes again for a long while, I am completely put off.

Do you use make up wipes? Have you found any that are kind to your skin?

I’ve not posted photos or links on here, as I don’t think it’s right when I’m not a fan of a product!

10 responses to “Skin care mistakes

  1. I think wipes are really useful when you’re lazy or don’t have enough time. I’d spent something more for them, anyway.. šŸ˜›
    The important thing is learning from your mistakes hehe


  2. I have never met a makeup remover, cleanser wipe that I got along with. They are all awful!

    I have heard a lot about Micellar Water – which brand are you using?


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