Australian Adventures – Downstairs at The Merrywell, Melbourne

The Merrywell is double floored American Diner style burger and fries joint, conveniently positioned in the middle of city, (it’s also squished onto the end of the Crown Casino complex). The ground floor sells your straight up diner food, whereas the upper is a bit more gourmet. We chose the ground floor, as we wanted something filling, but informal.

The corner location boasts great views out on the Yarra River (if you’re lucky enough to get a window seat), inner booths and counter seats offer prime sports viewing on their massive tv screens. Even if you’re not a overly sporty type, you can’t help but get sucked in by the Americana ambience of the place.

They claim to sell ‘Melbourne’s Best Burger’ (as voted for by The Burger Adventure), and these signs are actually what attracted us.

We turned up on a Friday night and during school Spring break, so it was crazy busy. The hostesses and staff were really friendly, despite the rush. We were told  that we could dine in or order take out. We punted for the former, grabbing counter seats looking into the kitchen and milkshake bar.

The Order

The downstairs menu is small, but by no means simple. The burger of the year appears to be a fries topped and special sauce revelation, or if you’re feeling brave there’s the Spicy Red-Eye complete with Jalapenos, Harissa, Chipotle Mayo, Sriracha AND Chilli.

We all know how much I love cheese, so I went for the Big Blue, which comes with FONDUE ON TOP. You don’t need to tell me twice if you’re fonduing my burger.

Here’s a picture taken by the Merrywell so you can see how glorious it is:

Keegan opted for The Philly Cheesesteak. Which went down a treat.

We also ordered fries and a mint chocolate milkshake to share between us. Thankfully we’re not impatient souls as the typical Friday night curse of ‘food takes AGES to come’ took hold. It was especially tortuous seeing our dining neighbours receiving their dishes before us. Total food envy.

When it did arrive (ten minutes feels like ten hours when you’re ravenous), it was served up in red plastic baskets. Both portions were pretty generous, with our crispy fries offering the perfect accompaniment.

My burger had the right amount of creamy cheese to offset the burger, and Keegan’s Philly Cheesesteak was HUGE.

The verdict:

You can often tell the standard of a place by your food coma, and my goodness we slept well that night. I am so grateful we’re staying in Southbank at the moment (less than 5 mins walk from the Casino).

Price point is pretty good too, burgers, sides and drinks for two will come to about $50.

I’m already hungry writing this review. So I want to go back already. Will definitely report back on their other burgers. Awesome job, Merrywell.

If you want to try it out yourself, make a booking here.

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