Australian Adventures – Grill’d (various locations)

Grill’d are a national chain of Burger and Fries restaurants, but they are by no means generic. I’ve eaten here numerous times, and the thing that will strike you the most is how each branch feels like an independent eatery.

The Experience

My last trip was to their Richmond location, on Bridge Road. It was our first night in Melbourne, (we were a tiny bit boozed), our takeout tastebuds craved something a little more than the usual Big Mac and Fries.

You will immediately notice how friendly the staff are, and behind the counter is a flurry of people, poised and creating a seamless burger-making production line. If you don’t get too mesmerized by the making of the food, you’ll hopefully remember to order…

The laid back decor is no bad thing since the burgers themselves are so delicious, and this is the key thing; the food is incredible.

The menu is extensive, and inclusive of both veggie and meat options. It also changes depending on your state (click through on the image for more information).

grill'd menu burgers melbourne

Grill’d Menu for the VIC Metro area.

The Burger

I went for the Cheese and Bacon on this occasion, with a portion of the regular fries to split with Keegan. The regular size is pretty decent, especially when you’re chowing down on a packed out patty. The fries are also crispy to the Nth degree, and absolutely perfect. Delicious.

The quality of the meat is second to none. It stays juicy whether you’re dining in, or waiting to chow down in front of the tv with your prized package.

If you’re a little unsure of what you want, I’d highly recommend the sliders so you get a decent mix, Keegan has tried options 1, 2 and 3 and each went down very well.

Grill’d are the good guys of the burger world.

I haven’t seen any chains who champion local produce as much as Grill’d. It’s completely awesome.

One of my favourite little touches is their ‘Local Matters’ campaign, supporting local charities and causes, much like the same way as the Waitrose token system does! Go check it out!

Grill’d are all over Australia,  Check out your nearest branch here. I can’t wait for my next trip, there’s a Lamb burger with my name all over it.

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