No place for regrets – the amazing works of Jay Ryan


I’m gonna introduce you to one of my expensive hobbies. I collect screenprints (It is not a cheap hobby, but it’s a hobby that makes me incredibly happy).

ANYWAY, support indie artists! Hooray!

Way back when I was living in Manchester, mostly a penniless kid, trying to make my way in the music industry, surviving on little money and dreaming, that one day my walls would be adorned with prints, and my house would be fully stocked with my favourite vinyl and comic books.

I was lucky that Manchester had amazing galleries to showcase artists and sell prints, so I stumbled across Jay Ryan on one of those days I was out window shopping. I immediately bought one of his books with part of my food budget, and I would swoon over the pages, drinking tea, listening to my music, imagining my walls covered in quirky prints.

Enough of the past.

Fast forward a few years, and I am lucky to now own a couple of his prints, but I can’t wait to buy more. Got my eye on that Shellac Aussie Tour one, once my new Aussie apartment is sorted.

I could probably sit here and post image links to his website until the cows come home, but check it out for yourself instead.

His artwork does the talking for me. How gorgeous is it? His prints start from just $20USD, so treat yourself, and help the guy out. His store is on his website Even if you’re penniless like I once was, save those pennies, your walls, and you will thank me for it.

What do you think of his work? Do you have a favourite print?

Image courtesy of The Bird Machine

Image courtesy of


To support my hobby, I have bought prints both direct from the artists, and also from galleries. Please be aware of the amount of fakes out there (especially on Ebay), and remember that fakes not only look shoddy but they’re damaging to the artists and independent galleries that sell the works. If a print really only costs $30, then buy it. Don’t let those committing copyright fraud profit from the hard work of others.

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