Neutral doesn’t have to be boring.

loreal eyeshadow

I’ve been a bit boring with my makeup of late, most because I knew that neutral looks would be better for meetings and interviews and all that.

After a pretty rotten week last week (which I won’t be going into here), I decided to treat myself a little.

I have considered using chubby eye sticks in the past, but never really managed to commit. I’m a big fan of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range anyway, and love a good creamy shadow, so I figured now was a good time to take the plunge.

Step up L’Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Pencils:

L'oreal color riche


L-R Delicate Beige, Enigmatic Brown


colour riche swatches


L-R Delicate Beige, Enigmatic Brown

The results

You can even see on my super pale irish toned skin, that these swatches are super super pigmented. Brilliant stuff.

Delicate Beige is the lovely rose gold shade with a very subtle hint of pale shimmer, and Enigmatic Brown is the slightly more matte, bronze colour.

The lighter shade of the two requires less product, but the darker, Enigmatic Brown needs a bit more oomph. I’ll steer away from using the brown all over the lids but it’s totally perfect as an impact shade. I’ll be putting it either in the corners, or as an alternative to my beloved black eyeliner.

I am mostly looking forward to trying out a neutral smoke with these, especially since delicate beige offers an ideal all over base.

Have they replaced my favourite Maybelline shadows? Possibly not, but they’re a great addition to the eye team.

A tough exterior!

One of the more amazing things about these shadow sticks, is that they DO NOT BUDGE. The staying power is why I love these pencils.

The Colour Riche eye pencils come in a load of different shades, but right now I’m concentrating on building up my neutrals and bases in cream form, so I can go to town with some powder shadows later down the line.

If you’re after a low maintenance shadow that is both ideal for either travelling, or will just stay on your eyes all day, these are a definite safe bet.

You can pick up L’oreal products from most drugstores or instore/online at Myer!

Are you into cream eye shadows? What’s your favourite?

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