Australian Adventures – Get Burgered! Geelong, VIC

On Saturday we skipped town and popped to the cute waterside neighbourhood of Geelong. A town that lives for their AFL team, the waterfront is sprinkled with beautiful houses, intriguing statues and deliciously inviting cafes.

geelong statues

After a wander around the pier, we were slightly ravenous, and happened across Get Burgered. Keegan and I can never turn down a decent burger, and the menu here looked too good to be true. Check out the menu here, and tell me that you don’t crave a burger now.

get burgered menu


Each type of meat came with only one option, so there is less time for dithering about. Fancy pork? You get the pork belly roll. Craving some chook? There’s a fried chicken burger to whet your appetite.It’s pretty genius really, and I love that by limiting the amount of burgers, you can really focus on creating one great burger for each meat type (There’s also a veggie option too!).

Sides are extra; I went for fries straight up, whilst Keegan plucked for the Chips with melted cheese and mustard mayo.

For the burger itself I had the Wagyu Beef with BBQ sauce and cheese sauce slathered all over it. I was only disappointed by the crazy amount of lettuce in there, but despite that, it was a gorgeous burger. Keegan requested the Pork Belly roll, and was delighted it came with a generous portion of crackling too.

He polished it off fairly quickly, an excellent sign of quality.

Scattered with Scandi furniture throughout, the atmosphere in the restaurant was ideal for us, because it was quiet. (Saturday was a bit cold on the waterfront). I can tell that the place is probably bustling with customers come late Spring and during Summer. My advice is probably head down now if want to make sure you get a good people watching seat.

If you’re visiting Geelong, and you’re stuck deciding between all the waterfront cafes (there are a fair few), go for a simple, relaxed atmosphere with burgers of incredible quality. Brilliant stuff.

(Staff were amazing too!)

Things I learned from my time in Get Burgered: Coke Floats are called SPIDERS in Australia. BAFFLED. 

get burgered

This photo does not do it justice

There’s no social media that I can find, but check out their website and maybe pop in for a Spider and a Kangaroo burger when you’re in the area.

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