The coveted product – Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb

There really has been an abundance of Lush reviews on blogs lately! Not that I’m complaining, mostly, it just makes my wallet cry slightly.

The Lush winter and Christmas ranges are always amazing, and the limited edition-ness of Snow Fairy always gets me in a tizzy.

On Saturday, after a VERY busy morning real estate searching (check out tomorrow’s post), I got back to the city centre, weary, hungry and slightly delirious. I sort of fell into Lush, and straight into the arms of, ahem, the Northern Lights.

I know this one is pretty tricky to get hold of, so I had to pick it up. The gorgeous staff members all gushed at how amazing the product is (one told me he’d bought 10 that week). I couldn’t really say no now could I…?!

So here it is. sort of looks like a giant stick of Edinburgh rock:

Northern Lights Lush bath bomb



The Verdict.

As per, this Lush product is packed to the rafters with natural ingredients.

The presence of Jasmine made the bathtime experience super relaxing, and it made my skin extremely soft. It smells amazing. The edible stars float throughout (DO NOT EAT THEM, OBVS), and the colours are bursting with purple, blue and neon yellow. It’s just like having your own Northern Lights party in your house – this is especially important for us lot in the Southern Hemisphere.

My only complaint is that you can’t really break this in half and use it twice. It’s quite large, so for small baths (like the one in my house sit), it feels a tad too big.

Is it worth the hype?

Yep! I am repurchasing for sure! This will definitely see me through the Spring/Summer months here.

It’s a perfect Christmas present for all Lush fans, and I can see this popping up on loads of wish lists this year.

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