Top five Horror films for Halloween

scary guy halloween

As someone who considers themselves a film buff (you should see me in a pub quiz), Halloween is the perfect excuse to do some binge watching of those movies that err on the scarier side.

Here’s a few trailers for horror films that I have loved over the years. You should definitely check out these movies if you’re planning a scary film marathon this coming Saturday.

I’m not putting anything down too obscure or film nerd-y, just some regular decent horror films that I, personally enjoy.

Stephen King’s IT (1990)

Now, this is a 3 hour beast of a movie, but it’s definitely worth the investment. Creepy children, scary clown and a bunch of adults trying to prevent a repetition  of child murders happening in their home town again. Classic.

V / H / S (2012)

Another from the ‘found footage’ trend, if you’re into the Blair Witch but with a little more gore, then this is probably for you. This is packed with heaps of short films, all with a recurring theme.

The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

Not *technically* a horror film, but a bunch of friends heading to a remote cabin in the middle of the American countryside doesn’t really shout ‘lovely time’ either. From the guy who brought you Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Avengers, expect tons of quirky one liners and a really great twist. It’s so much better than the trailer. Trust me.

The Craft (1996)

Not too much horror in this one, but the perfect supernatural film to kick off a Halloween movie fest. A sleepver favourite from my teen years.

Scream (1996)

What really set off a whole new era of horror, is Wes Cravens now classic film. I actually watched this at a sleepover as a teenager not long after it came out, and I think that’s where my love of horror was firmly set. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet it also follows the strict conventions that make a slasher film great.

So there you have it.

That’s what I’ll probably be tuning into come halloween. How about you? Do you have any horror film nights planned? What is your favourite horror film?

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