Australian Adventures – The great real estate hunt #1

one way street sign real estate

Finding that perfect home really feels like a one way street at times!

This is going to be in a few parts, as I thought it wise to document my journey from house sitter to having a proper place I can call home.

On Saturday we made our first steps into becoming actual paying tenants in Australia (as opposed to house sitters).

The research began

We have set a budget, and an area that we heard is awesome, so we spent some time on on Friday afternoon. After mulling through some of the listings, we had quite a lot of questions, which weren’t going to get answered either by asking Twitter or sitting on our butts.

I found an apartment, I called the agent to book a viewing.

The response: ‘Inspections are only on Saturday, from 9.50am-10.05am, no exceptions’. Guess it was an early morning for us then.

Turns out most are done this way, they are open to the public (so you don’t need to book your space), and are generally quite competitive.

I made a list of the the units that we liked, that were also open to the public in their timed orders, and we finally had a plan!

The first couple of flats, nobody showed up, so we were sort of left lingering outside the units like weird, erm, lingering types.

Luck was on our side.

Slightly baffled and deflated, we started making our way to find a brunch place, and we spotted a group of people waiting around the entrance of a new build complex. We assumed they were there for a viewing. So we waited with them – one guy had a tape measure clipped to his belt loop (these people were PREPARED).

5 mins later, a real estate agent appeared, popped down his ‘open for inspection’ sign and led us into the building.

After viewing those, he told us where the other viewings were happening that morning so we could check those out too. We actually found a real nice place with THREE balconies. Still, the hunt is on, and we have a real good benchmark for what we want in our perfect area.

Here is what I have learned so far:

  • You don’t get most of your white goods (there’s a dishwasher and an oven), but no fridge, freezer, washing machine or dryer. This is all part of the ‘unfurnished’ deal.
  • When an advert states that there is European laundry, that often means it is inside a cupboard – either in your living room or your bathroom.
  • Inspections = Viewings
  • Units = Flats/Apartments
  • If you like an apartment at one of these viewings, you have to fill in an application form right there and then.
  • It is SO competitive.

We’re due to move in 2 weeks, so watch this space. Our dream flat is open to the public on Saturday morning this week, so we’re not going to let this one slip by.

3 responses to “Australian Adventures – The great real estate hunt #1

  1. This was so helpful to read- thanks! I’ve already spent hours scouring to ‘get a feel’ of the places and areas in Brisbane. I was surprised as how little in terms of appliances are included in rental fees, and just how competitive it is after hearing stories from my boyfriend about 20 different people applying for the same place- totally different ballgame in the UK!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook


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