English Adventures – Center Parcs

I have actually stayed at Center Parcs twice. Both times in November too.

You probably think I am a crazy one, after all, who would stay in the English countryside in NOVEMBER? Well, me.

The Sherwood Forest one was my favourite of the two, and not just because of Robin Hood.

The details.

We were in a group of three, and chose the option to stay over the week (Monday to Friday).

Once you have been assigned your chalet by the lovely staff, you park up, decamp your stuff and go and rent bicycles. They will become your go-to transport for the next few days. Cycling is the easiest way to get around the site, there are loads of hills and routes to explore too, so it’s loads of fun and great exercise.

The extras

center parcs wild rapids

Image courtesy of Center Parcs

It is no secret that Center Parcs will charge for certain extras. So make sure you do your research before you go. There is a plethora of stuff that will please everyone from pamper queens to sporty types.

We chose not to do most of the ‘extras’ as the bikes were enough for us. There’s also a swimming pool with heaps of water slides which is totally free to use.

Top Tip:

If you’re starting to feel a little ‘The Shining’ in all that wilderness, there are a couple of Starbucks and chain restaurants, perfectly placed for post swim a pick me up.

The Accommodation

We stayed in the comfort plus. Even for no frills, it was kind of perfect. Kitchen, diner and spacious living area topped it off. Comfy bedrooms also helped us sleep through the night.

I, however will definitely be staying in these next time I go. ACTUAL TREEHOUSES. HIGH FIVE TO CENTER PARCS.

center parcs treehouse

Image courtesy of Center Parcs

Look at this incredible living area. Hard to imagine it is inside a tree!

Image courtesy of Center Parcs


We need to keep in mind here, that Center Parcs is not aimed at groups of people in their mid-late 20s; if you’re looking to party, you should probably aim for contiki or head to Ibiza for the extra £100 or so. CP Nottingham is a little tranquil oasis in the middle of Sherwood Forest. I read LOADS of books, ate loads of food and had a lovely time.

We adored it, I was with friends who like the quieter side of adventuring, with wine and giggles and cycling. Amazing experience I would recommend to anyone who wants to try a staycation with a difference.

Me at center parcs

Me, trying to enjoy the pub quiz on our last night!

You can book a stay at Center Parcs here, they’re all over the country, but Sherwood Forest stole my heart.

Have you ever been to Center Parcs? What were your thoughts?

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