American Adventures – J.B’s Drive In, Greeley, CO

jbs drive in

Image courtesy of J.B’s Drive In

My first taste of a Drive-In was the small town of Greeley, Colorado a couple of years back. I had just landed after a very long flight. It was probably about 8pm, so it wasn’t quite late enough to attempt sleep – I needed food.

The friends I was staying with took me to J.B’s so I could get my fill and feel less crappy the next day. I never need telling twice when you’re offering me burgers.

J.B’s is a proper old school diner/drive in. Family owned and established in 1937, this charming little restaurant has been serving Greeley’s finest students and residents for eons.

Choosing to dine in the restaurant instead of the car, we found a booth. Similar to most Drive-Ins, even when you’re dining in you’re not bombarded with table service. Instead, you pick up the phone on your table and ring in your order.

The decor is perfect in that 1950s American Diner kind of way. Cute as hell.

The real selling point for J.B’s is both quality AND price. A cheeseburger is less than $3! THREE DOLLARS FOR A CHEESEBURGER. In a world where five guys and Byron dominate the London burger scene, three dollars for an incredible patty is an absolute steal. Check out those prices:

Image courtesy of JBs

Image courtesy of JBs

I also got to sample my first corn dog here ($1.15) and got to taste their own brand Root Beer. It’s so awesome that a diner brews their own root beer.

jbs drive in food

Image courtesy of J.Bs Drive In.

Really, I just love that this place is all about good food and family. Definitely worth a drive if you’re in and around Denver. Greeley is also hella cool. We’ve got a road trip planned for the states for next year as well, so we’ll be making a stop here for sure.

Have you been to a Drive In before? What did you make of the experience?

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