5 of the coolest icons on Route 66

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If you’re lucky enough to drive across Route 66, or at least even a tiny part of it, then you must check out these bits along, around and in the way if you can.

ANNOYINGLY I left my camera with all my Route 66 pics at the place I was house sharing, so instead, I thought I would find 5 images straight from my insta account instead.

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1. The Endangered Wolf Center – Eureka, Missouri

wolf sancturary missouri

Wolves are most probably in my top 5 animals. They’re brilliant. The Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka is a work of genius. It’s small, but absolutely amazing, and the work they do there is excellent. Now we paid for the VIP experience tickets (this is a charity after all) and we got to get a bit up close and personal with some amazing wolf breeds.

I need to point out here, this is NOT a zoo. We did not pet the animals at all. Sick/injured wolves are here to rrecuperatebefore being redistributed back into the wild. It’s a temporary thing for them. The team at the sanctuary work tirelessly to ensure that the wolves here get better before they put them back into the wild.

2. Madrid. New Mexico

madrid new mexico


Not technically on the Route, but a small diversion near Santa Fe. If you love your art and all things Nacajo, go check this place out. It’s an artists retreat, and a really interesting place. Think home made dream catchers, stray dogs and very friendly townspeople.

Only downside was that the restaurant did not have a toilet, instead there was a portaloo out back. Got to make friends with a llama on the way to the bathroom though, so, you know, swings and roundabouts.

3. Montezuma Castle, Arizona

castle montezuma

(Another detour, oops)

3. Castle Montezuma is a humbling 800 year old monument, a testament to the cliff dwelling natives of the land of Stars and Stripes. There’s a small entrance fee, but honestly, it’s worth it. Not only will you be humbled when the landscape turns from forest into dessert, but this little gem is the icing on the cake, sandwiched right in the middle.

A few of my American friends (all of them) joke that Arizona is the worst place. Honestly, I am in love with this state.

If you’re a history nut, and the US starts looking a bit samey, drive off road for a night, and check this place out.

4. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, Oro Grande, California

bottle tree ranch california

Right in the middle of the Californian desert, is this epic attraction. Run on donations, Elmer constructed his own little bottle forest right in the middle of a very hot, dry part of America. It is constructed entirely from recycled materials and really is a place to behold. This place is utterly brilliant, and I’d urge every one of you to go visit if you can.

It’s right on the roadside of the route, so you can’t miss it.

5. InNOut  Burger, Across California

in n out burger

*Yep, forgot to go ‘Animal Style’ this time.

Need I say more?

Do you have any icons of road trips you have taken? Are you also on instagram? Link me to your account below and I will endeavour to follow!

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2 responses to “5 of the coolest icons on Route 66

    • Yes! The bottle ranch is crazy cool, so different too. It’s so nice to find an arty attraction that’s curated by one guy and both outdoor and free entry. Well worth popping a few dollars in the donations box! Thanks for reading!x


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