My favourite beauty bloggers on instagram

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Part of what we do, as writers and bloggers involves lots and lots of reading. If you’re also a digital marketer and PR as your day job (like me), the reading increases by tenfold.

A day spent buried in pivot tables and marketing abbreviations is the norm. When your B2B gets a bit too much CRO up in your KPIs you know it’s time for a break.

Instagram is the coffee break calm within that storm. A scroll or tap on the much improved ‘discover’ section gives me a little quiet ten minute solace from all that marketing jargon. Some of these bloggers are seriously talented and capture some gorgeous product shots that could put some professionals to shame.

Without further ado here are the current beauty bloggers (and a brand) that make my day more beautiful:

Hannah Maggs @magsy24

As a youtuber, entrepreneur, beauty guru and young mum, Hannah pretty much nails it all. Her account is a mixture of her gorgeous family and beautiful product shots.

Her weekly vlogs are also a must watch, and make me miss that London place so bad. Go check them out too.

Kal @theclutteredcloset

As a beauty blogger, and a great one to boot, Kal pulls no punches when it comes to finding awesome dupes at reasonable prices. Its nice to see a beauty blogger who doesn’t reach the Dior Instant Light every time we see a blog post. Expect chemist and drug store prices and perfectly positioned shots. She’s a good’un

Jane Iredale @janeiredale_australia

If you’re spending a considerable amount of time in Australia, then mineral make up is the way to go for an easy, light day look. (your heavy foundation will slide right off in the heat). Jane Iredale are icons of the mineral make up world and their instagram account is just gorgeous.

Brimming with pretty product shots and lovely shout outs to their community, it’s so nice to see a brand doing instagram so right.

 Angela – The Sunday Chapter


Another rad blogger, I am obsessed with Angela’s blog. A fellow Melbourne based blogger, her shots are pretty, relatable, romantic and girly.

It’s a dream to scroll through her feed, so you need to do it, go go go!

Le Fin

So there you have it, some of my favourite accounts right now, do you have any that are really topping your list?

I’m going to follow this up with a couple more similar posts (travel, inspirational types), are there any topics in particular you would like me to cover?

If you’re not already following me on the instagrams or the twitter, please feel free to do so by clicking on the words to the left or the links in my RHS bar.



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