Holiday wish list – The uber palette

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In my usual little browse of the Sephora website, I saw this, the Color Festival Blockbuster Palette:

sephora blockbuster palette

At first I thought it was actually a whole bunch of palettes, but it turns out, this IS the palette, and it’s ONLY $49.

For less than $50 you get 72 eyeshadows, 28 lipglosses, 18 cream eyeliners, 8 blushers, 4 2in1 lip and cheek creams, 2 mirrors, 8 brushes and a heap of tutorials.

The Color Festival Blockbuster palette has pretty much every shade of eyeshadow you’d need, it includes matt and shimmer shades in nude, bold and smokey colours.

It’s not the BIGGEST palette in terms of size, but it folds flat. The built in mirror folds upright so it will look perfect on every dresser, but won’t impose too much once it’s folded back. This is perfect for any girl who is short on space in their bedroom or bathroom.

sephora blockbuster palette

Image courtesy of Sephora .com


Firstly, as a own brand, Sephora’s stuff is incredible. I adore their lip and eye products so this is unbelievable value.

I think this would also make an amazing present for any aspiring beauty bloggers or youtubers who want to get to grips with colour and tutorials. The shadows are less likely to shatter as they are folded away and I think the sheer amount of gel liners is worth the $50 alone!

This is definitely on my list, and hopefully by the time I am able to pop to Sydney for the weekend there is something just as awesome to pick up in store.

The only negative for me is the amount of lipglosses, I never use lip shades in palettes as you’re unable to top up on the go. It’s nice to see the variety of colour though, and I’d probably end up purchasing similar colours in the full priced lip range.

If you’re wondering about the size, I found this Youtube clip, (sorry about the music). This shows just how perfect the size is. Not too big so it’s over imposing, but ideally sized to try out all the products and an absolute bargain.

What do you think? Are you partial to a good palette?


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