Christmas 2014 gift guide – for men


festive gift guide 2014

Here come the boys! Also, my picks to make that special guy in your life smile a little bit more come holiday season.

The quirky present

Know a board game made person? I love this Whiskey Stone shaped like a d20 dice. Bulk it up with a bottle of this (if you can track one down), and earn all the Christmas points.

Highland Park Thor

Highland Park – Thor Whiskey – £120

Highland Park also produce a Loki whiskey. Both well worth checking out.

The very clever gift.

Mixed soaps think geek

Bacon, Coffee, Whiskey Soaps – $24.99 ThinkGeek

Stop your lil brother/dad/boyfriend from using your brand new Christmas goodies in the shower with this Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee soap set.

It’s totally vegan, and all natural,  and also BACON. Just don’t let them think it’s food. Bacon. Your goodies remain safe, this year. Pat yourselves on the back. Bacon.

The lumberjack gift

Plaid Shirt

Fjallraven Plaid Shirt – $154AUD

Make your guy the manliest there ever was, with this beaut from ASOS by Fjallraven. It’s 100% cotton, and well worth the price. I think everyone, male or female needs a good quality plaid shirt in their wardrobe.

FjallRaven means ‘Arctic Fox’ in Swedish. FACTS.

N.B Apparently in Australia we call these ‘flanno’s’. I can’t even.

The present you will probably steal

casio calculator watch

Casio Calculator Watch – £24.99 Casio

I have gone through two of these already. Based on the product description only, I would like the third very soon.

So there you have it! Is there anything you have your eye on for the guy in your life? Let me know, as I’d love to see more inspiration!


2 responses to “Christmas 2014 gift guide – for men

  1. Great ideas! I’m brainstorming for my brother now, the stones are so creative! I usually have the safety gift of a good ol’ boxed tv show DVD set haha.


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