The best ‘carry on only’ bag

Next week I’m heading out to New Zealand for a few days. I’m seeing my sister for the first time in YEARS, and I’m going to check out some of the sights around Auckland (and check out my sister’s Bach for a couple days).

Now, as is the nature of cheap flights (this is just like popping from London to Spain), I’m only allowed carry on. I don’t want to take one of those small roller cases, as I don’t think they’re too practical, nor do I think they can pack that much stuff.

My bag.

herschel duffel bag

This is part of the limited edition range by Herschel and Stussy. It’s pretty much sold out everywhere now, but if you know anyone who does still stock it, please let me know in the comments below!

herschel stussy duffle

This holds 16 litres, and is the perfect size for carry on. You can fit SO MUCH inside it. I’m talking a week’s worth of clothes, underwear and beauty goodies. There’s also ample room for a laptop and some shoes. The exterior is not solid, so airlines will love you, as it doesn’t take up that much room in the overhead lockers.

It also acts as a great in-between of solid suitcase and giant backpack. There’s an extending shoulder strap and handles, depending on what and how you’re wanting to carry your stuff.

Here it is on a human, so you can get an idea of scale:

I did try and take this to the gym a couple of times, but honestly, it’s way too big IMO, and this is best suited to travel.

Your options

Because it was limited edition, and no longer available, I had a quick scout of the Herschel website and found these lovelies for you. I am now trying to justify owning more than one:

This Keats duffle in the Countryside print, has foxes and owls and ALL THE CREATURES.

Here is a lovely close up:

Herschel Keats Countryside Close Up



It’s pretty magnificent. I hope they do this print in a backpack. It’s also reduced from $99 to $69. Go get it!

I love the contrasting print on this Lonsdale style duffle. I mostly like the ultra faded/retro feel, like it’s been handmade from an old plaid shirt. This one is ALSO in the sale. Incredible.

What sort of carry on bag do you use? Are you a suitcase or a bag type of girl?

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