This year’s resolution: ‘write more’

I don’t tend to make new years resolutions, I honestly think they’re pretty rubbish. Mostly I see people making non tangible promises that they usually break by February.

I’ve taken a different approach this year, by simply proposing that I just ‘write more’ – whether that’s more blogging, an extra tweet or two, putting pen to paper in my journals, or sending more emails to bloggers I love.

Buying a heap of journals.

Starting as I mean to go on, I used some of my Christmas money on something sensible, picking up some journals from my new favourite store, Typo.

Typo is like a mix of Paperchase and Habitat, with IKEA prices. Most of the things are teal or rose gold in colour or owl shaped. Win win.

pile of journals

So, I picked up these three notebooks, one is a page per day diary (to get my blogging more organised), one is a travel journal, and the lovely rose gold polka dot Β is a regular notebook.

(Mine don’t appear to be on the website, apart from polka dot, so I’ve linked to some similar ones).

set of journals travel journal

Three might seem excessive, but it’s already made me feel more inspired to just sit and write, and I promise that I will be better this year.

Setting writing goals has never looked so beautiful.

Aussie girls, I’d definitely recommend stocking up next time you’re in a Typo vicinity!

Have you made any news years resolutions? Are they similar to mine? Would love to know in the comments below!

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