Neutral beauty bits: L’oreal nail polish in Soft Chinchilla

loreal color riche nail polish in soft chinchilla

As I’m getting older, I’m moving away from wearing bright nail colours (does anyone remember the ‘Spectacular’ brand?!), and preferring to pop a slick of nude/natural colours on my talons instead.Why? Well, mostly, it’s smarter for a professional environment – but it also goes with nearly every outfit and makeup look too.

I’ve been wearing the hell out of my new favourite brand ‘Kit’, but around December, I bought ‘Soft Chinchilla’ from the L’oreal Color Riche range, and it’s barely left my nails since.

The shade

Firstly there’s the gorgeous colour, think a less brown version of the grey/brown Chanel’s Particuliere (the one everyone went a bit crazy for a couple years back). It’s also pretty much an exact dupe for Essie’s Chinchilly too…

l'oreal soft chinchilla grey nail polish

The grey hue in this is much ‘bluer’. Basically, chinchilla fur I suppose.

chinchilla fur nail polish


The formula

That standard pretty high quality you’d expect from L’oreal. Glides on fairly easily, and I usually only need 1 coat. It also has a nice shine to it. Not in the ‘Gel’ nails sense, but a lot more subtle and pretty.

The shine normally lasts a day or two, a welcome change from the matte polishes which only seemed to give a couple hours of matte.  I’ve also found it’s not massively prone to chipping, which is great for low maintenance gals like myself.

The verdict.

Well, yes I am addicted. I am pretty sure my next polish purchase will be another from the not too purse popping L’oreal range. Cheap, easy to wear and ridiculously pretty. I’m all in.

Now, I picked mine up on eBay, and the only place I can track it down is on the L’oreal UK website.

Aussie girls might want to either splurge a little on the Essie version, or check out L’oreals Metropolitain, a much more standard grey but with a built in top coat.

(apologies for not posting a swatch on my nails, but my cuticles are in THE WORST shape rn)

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