life after 107 (or my favourite berry lipsticks)

107 lipstick shade berry red

My name is Claire, and I am totally addicted to wearing berry coloured lipsticks.

It all started with 107…

107 kate moss

During my ‘great makeup rut’ of 2012, I fell in love with three little numbers from Rimmel, that we all know well as 107. It was red, but not too red and was quite simply, perfect.

Since finding it, I have been on an endless quest to find similar shades from other brands. It was not an easy task.

Topshop Beguiled.

topshop beguiled berry lipstick

A very good, and close dupe for 107, Topshop’s makeup range is always stunning, on point and very easy on the wallet. It wasn’t as long lasting as the Rimmel, but it was much redder in tone. A really lovely berry shade.

I really, really like the formula of Topshop lipsticks, and they’re usually my ‘go-to’ when I get a bit bored of drugstore or high end brands. They’ve always got unexpected gems.

Mac Diva

Definitely a blogger favourite, and my first berry lipstick purchase ‘post 107’, when I was looking for something a little more high end.

mac diva

Diva is a smidge darker than 107, but it’s much longer lasting. I also found that I didn’t need to apply as much product. Obviously it’s more expensive than its Rimmel counterpart, but well worth the money.

Illamasqua Growl

illamasqua growl

I have a horrible feeling this has now been discontinued. Even darker than Diva and slightly ‘browner’, on the lips, Growl is long lasting and the formula is incredibly soft. Even better, it’s currently onsale, and only a smidgen more expensive than the original 107.

Looking ahead…

Every blogger and his dog seems to be either wearing or coveting Charlotte Tilbury’s Glastonberry, and I’ll be doing the same no doubt, especially come the chilly winter here in Melbs!

Do you have any other dark berry recommendations? Would love to hear them!

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