Australian Adventures – barefoot bowls!

barefoot bowls

Saturday evening was definitely a new experience for me. A total comfort zone breaker. We were throwing a ‘Welcome to Melbourne’ party for a newcomer to the city, and my friend made a booking for something called ‘barefoot bowls’.

barefoot bowls scoreboard

Now, as a Brit, bowls conjures up images of old people, throwing big heavy balls at a smaller ball in the distance. It didn’t really sound like a fun Saturday night activity, I was half ready to not go at all, but how wrong I was!

We were booked into Port Melbourne Bowls Club, a small venue just on the edge of the city.

A few beers were had, fierce teamwork and the usual competitive Aussie spirit came into play. We were in a mixed group of different abilities, which made it all the more fun. I played a few games and really enjoyed it (I’m terrible at it, naturally).

the edge of the pitch

Barefoot bowls is very Australian, yes, you’re essentially playing a game of bowls, and yes, you’re barefoot; but beers are allowed, and the crowd is much younger than the demographic you’d probably expect. It’s one experience I definitely want to try it again.

barefoot bowls green port melbourne barefoot bowls

Port Melbourne Bowls Club is a short tram ride from the Casino area, and has stunning views of the city whilst you’re playing. You can book lanes in advance for groups here.

Have you ever played barefoot bowls? What did you think of it?

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