Oh hello there, Finest Imaginary

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When it comes to jewellery, I am firmly in the ‘quirky is best’ camp, I do have a select few elegant pieces, but it’s the brightly coloured acrylic ones that really make a drab 9-5 outfit pop.

I stumbled across Finest Imaginary a couple of weeks ago, and I have been coveting loads of their stuff.

FI is the the brainchild of Kim Lawler, website prettifier (and coding genius) and all round incredible artist.

An awesome mish mash of insanely detailed jewellery, homewares and stationary. It definitely has the ideal birthday present for that friend who is really hard to buy for (we all have one, in fact I think I am that friend).

Obviously the Great Outdoors collection is my favourite (all woodland creatures and compasses just make me want to book a trip to Canada, stat.).

I like the slightly judging eyes of this moose brooch. I will wear it on public transport with my Autumn coat, and I dare you to invade my personal space. Not gonna happen on his watch.

I think all of my travel blogger buddies will wear this compass necklace with pride. The lettering on the compass face is so dreamy.

This bear necklace is my FAVOURITE of all the necklaces. Look at his little snuffling face. It’s only £10. You’re welcome.

…and we can’t really write a blog post about FI without honorable mention of those burger coasters. Splendid stuff. My 1970s themed apartment would be the perfect place setting for them.

My pay day is suddenly looking very bright. What January blues?!

It also looks like there may be a sale going on at the moment, so go buy more stuff! www.finestimaginary.com

What do you think of the collection? Do you have a favourite from the bunch?

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