Etsy Favourites: a song of ice and fire

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So this month, we sat down and finally watched Game of Thrones from start to finish, and honestly I am hooked.

I did see season one way back when it aired, but I never really got round to seeing the rest. Now I am fully up to date, and can’t believe I have to wait until April for the next installment!

With that in mind, I came across some bits on Etsy to help fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole I will have in my life over the next couple of months.

Team Baratheon

If you’re all about the Baratheon brothers, then this stag pillow is for you. Hand printed onto hessian, the silhouette is the perfect subtle touch for any rustic style living room or outdoor area. Made by Helkat design, there are heaps to satisfy everyone.

Team Targaryen

Show off your inner dragon, with this clay polymer imitation of Daenerys’ claw necklace. I honestly think this is really pretty and I can’t believe it’s only £13.50! Painted with brass coloured paint, it’s a stunning way to recreate a more subtle look. It will look lovely with a simple dress as a statement piece.

If you want something a bit more subtle, this tiny claw necklace will do the trick!

Team Stark

I think Wintercroft might be my new favourite Etsy store. Although I won’t be wearing the masks, but I will be hanging their cubist style face furniture on my walls instead.

Wintercroft send you an instant link to download once you purchase, so you can get really crafty. I’m also a big fan of the owl too.

Team Greyjoy

If the ironborn family get your vote, cast your eyes on this gorgeous phone case featured the Greyjoy sigil. Hand engraved, and very cool indeed. Definitely my favourite of the bunch.

Team Jon Snow

Is he a crow? Is he a wildling? Whatever his allegiance, it all started with some vows. Every lone wolf will love This beautiful typography print that displays them all. I think it will look awesome in a frame above our tv.

Prices start at £4.50 for a postcard size print.

Team Lannister

If you’re a lover of all things Lannister (you weirdo), then these ferocious looking vintage erasers might be perfect for you. A subtle nod to your favourite, albeit evil house, and a complete bargain. I think these guys will look really cool making sure the rest of my stationary behaves itself. The perfect ruler (sorry, not sorry) of my pens and pencils.

What is your favourite house in Game of Thrones?  Who is your favourite character?

10 responses to “Etsy Favourites: a song of ice and fire

  1. I absolutely love that you tie in Etsy merch with a story. What a great idea! Looking forward to seeing more.

    I also do an Etsy feature, but mine focuses more on the ridiculous, to put it mildly.


  2. I’m addicted with thrones! I first got hooked during a weeklong snowstorm a year ago so I was able to binge watch three seasons in a week! Have you read the books?


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