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I’ve been crazy busy this week, but not so busy I have forgotton to post at least once!

There’s a weird lull this time of year, before vacations are booked, and everyone is getting geared up for the year ahead. I gaze out of my window wishing I ould be seeing a new country, so in the interim, here are a few of my favourite travel themed items on Etsy.

On our Australia Day road trip, we started putting together a mental list of the places we want to see. I think this little notebook will definitely seal the deal and make it more official. It’s just $16.

Whilst I’m stuck indoors for the earlier part of 2015, I think I’ll be adding these vintage Japanese airmail stickers to every piece of correspondence I can. So cute, and a total bargain.

Gosh I love compass imagery, (also mentioned in a previous post), and this laser cut wooden brooch is just so cool. I love the tiny whale just hiding over in the South West corner.

This travel bunting is made from the pages of a vintage atlas, and should be hung up in the ‘travel plotting’ corner of your home or room. I think it’s amazing.

So there you have it, do you have any little items that make you wish you were anywhere but here?

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