Road tripping from Melbourne to The Gold Coast

road trip australia

On Sunday, myself and Keegan embark on a mini road trip from Melbourne up to the Gold Coast for Christmas.

It’s around 1716.4 km and is supposed to take around 18-21 hours of flat out driving. To make things more interesting we are making two stops along the way, in less visited places (avoiding Sydney and Canberra). The less appreciated towns often hold more beauty and adventure (and less driving stress!).

By our estimates we will arrive at our destination on Tuesday.

I am really excited to share our trip with you and will be blogging and tweeting as much as I can along the way, Keegan will also be vlogging most of it – so if you want a bit more interactivity, it’s worth subscribing to his Youtube channel.

My posts this week will probably be a little more orientated towards road trips, so you are warned!



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