Christmas 2014 gift guide – for kids

festive gift guide 2014

There’s something quite comforting about reading gift guides for some reason. I absolutely love them. So, here is my two cents, starting with the more difficult ones to buy for; kids.

I’m gonna stick to being gender neutral here, but naturally some items may have to be purchased from a specific department.

The awesome book

Reading is so underrated now, especially since kids seems more interested in Youtube instead of books.

Help them embrace their inner nerd with this Where’s Wally style Doctor Who book, ‘When’s Doctor Who’ drawn by Jorge Santillian. We’ll all be glued to the television for the special on Christmas Day, so let’s get them even more excited. It’s also a great boredom fix during that 4 hour monopoly game that no kid (ever) has the attention span for.

whens the doctor wheres wally book

When’s The Doctor – $12.99 Myer

(I should point out that I love Monopoly, but mixing it with kids on a sugar high who have been awake since 4am, well….).

The ‘good thinking!’ pressie

We’ve all been there. You spend hundreds of pounds on an amazing gift, and they’re only interested in the box it came in. Make their imaginations stretch even further with this amazing cardboard construction kit from MakeDo.

MakeDo Toolkit – $12.50AUD

This is so awesome, it makes me want to get all the cardboard boxes and make a massive fort.

The kit comes with a VERY SAFE saw, a ‘SCRUDRIVER’ and a heap of bolts. It’s a perfect stocking filler, that come boxing day, will probably get all of the use.

Also, check out this Christmas tree made by MakeDo HQ:


Some of the customer creations are incredible, check them out here. My current favourite is obviously the bicycle horse.

The traditional gift.

dinosaur stamp set, amazon

Melissa and Doug Dino Stamp Set £8.47, Amazon

I am so in love with wooden toys. I worked in a traditional toy shop whilst I was at university, and it was so refreshing to see traditional toys amongst all the plastic.

Melissa and Doug are pretty much the saviours of traditional, cute wooden toys and this dinosaur stamping set has always been a fave. Help your tiny ones get a little bit creative this Christmas with this brilliant set available on Amazon.

Suitable for ages 4+

The cool accessory

Now shush. You can never have too many dinosaurs, okay?!

So make sure your Christmas is a roaring (not sorry) success for the kiddies, with this incredible hat.

Be the coolest Auntie on the block this year with this ferocious looking bobble hat from River Island. It’s pretty adorable, and I really want it for myself (I have a massive head, so it’s not gonna happen). River Island are bang on with this one.

It’s also available in bright orange, but I think the burgundy and the subtle is a little bit more fashion forward for your munchkins.

This comes in sizes 3-6y and 7-12y.

For aspiring vloggers

So. Much. Cute.

Another wooden beauty, this camera from Alex and Alexa is just the cutest. If the tiny one in your life has watched you do some product shots in some kind of awe, help them on the road to their own little blog. It makes a realistic shutter noise when the button is pressed, and is suitable for little legs aged 18 months and up.

Get it quick though, there’s only 11 of these left in stock.

What do you lot think? Is there anything in particular that stands out for you?

For me it’s got to be that box construction kit. Anything that recycles boxes and overactive imaginations during the holiday season is a winner by my standards.

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