The perfect outfit for a Summery Christmas climate

christmas in summer

I’m still madly adjusting to having to repeat a Summer again. Of course I’m okay with searing heat and incredible evening thunder storms, who wouldn’t be.

(I’m going to try and pretend I don’t have to endure pool sliders and jelly sandals for another 6 months).

The only change I have now, is swapping a toasty festive jumper, jeans and thick boots for a much more Summery outfit. My Christmas will be spent in Queensland, where the weather will be at least 30 degrees on Christmas day. Whilst I am thankful that I don’t have to wear tights under my jeans (you know we’ve all done it), I was a little bit worried about what to wear on the day.

Something special, but not tight fitting. It also needs to be transferable from present opening, to beach games, to eating all of the food, as well as looking nice in photos. There’s a lot of pressure here.

This morning I stumbled across this on ASOS:

Casual, but pretty? Check.

Elasticated waistband ensuring all of the turkey consumption? Check.

Festive colour? Check.

Suitable for beach and house hangs? Check. Check. Check.

Yes, at first glance this is super casual, and maybe too casual for some of you on Christmas day. However, this playsuit really comes into its own when you see the back:


It’s so lovely. Β The colour is spot on, as in the ultra 90s high neck – which we’ll be seeing a lot of here in Australia over the coming months.

I’m also impressed that the model didn’t brush her hair – a good reflection of how I will probably look come 6pm on Christmas Day.


Do you wear a special outfit on Christmas Day, or are you just in your PJs the whole time? Both acceptable. Naturally.

9 responses to “The perfect outfit for a Summery Christmas climate

  1. Such a good post! I actually had no idea what I was going to wear this xmas (have now arrived in Brisbane btw 2 days ago!) but this has given me the idea of a festive colour playsuit. *checks ASOS for more pretty playsuits*

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook


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