The lookback: my favourite posts from 2014

2014 retrospective

As seems to be the trend amongst all bloggers at the moment, I thought I would round up 2014 with a little list of my favourite posts from 2014.

The popular one

lord of the fires

My most popular post came in the guise of my review of Lord Of The Fries, an incredible vegan chip shop here in Australia. LOTF posted a link on their Facebook page, and I was totally overwhelmed by all the traffic that came through to my little blog. So grateful.

The ‘It’s okay to be Shy’ post.

shyness advice life shy

I received a few lovely emails about this one, it was just a simple advice post, letting you lot know that sometimes, being shy is quite alright.

The Nail Polish post

kit cosmetics skinny dip

I don’t normally blog about nails, because there are more of you out there doing something better, but when I bought my first Kit Cosmetics product, I just couldn’t resist. I think you were all quite impressed with the nude tone too. I’m still wearing it now, and I’ll be buying lots more Kit nail colours in the future!

Oh, the adventures.

foreign currency what to get

There are so many little excursions, and trips I’ve taken whilst in Australia. There’s been all the food, and the bush walks and the discovery of new amazing places. I made over my design late in the year, and created a whole page where all my Aussie travels and rambles can be found in one convenient place.

…and the travel.

This year I have visited Australia (vacation), Norway, Wales, China (a really long layover totally counts, shush), and New Zealand. Amongst all this, I moved to a new country, so seeing new places had to be put on hold. Yes, my country list isn’t that extensive compared to last year, but boy 2015 is going to make up for it.

Bonus round – meeting some amazing bloggers.

Again, huge thanks to Sam, and all the other super inspirational women I have met so far through blogging. Let’s have more meets in 2015 please!

I really can’t wait to see how 2015 is going to pan out, I’m more motivated and excited than ever to continue blogging! I love this new hobby of mine, and I really wish I’d kept up that one I started back in 2008!

How is your 2015 looking? Are you keen to start blogging for the first time? Do you have any huge projects lined up?

Let me know in the comments below, love you all!

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